By now you have calculated your order total from the order form
If outside USA please contact us first by email with the order details and we'll reply with your shipping cost.

option #1 - if you have a Paypal account, or don't mind creating one during payment:
open a browser to  and click on the SEND MONEY link in the middle of the screen.
When prompted, enter this email address for payment:
sk(at)  replace the (at) with @
and list the items you are ordering in the MESSAGE section of payment screen...and make payment.

option #2 - if you don't have a Paypal account and don't want to create one, simply to pay by credit card:
Simply send us an email with your list of items and prices, to request that we email you a Paypal Invoice (from "S. Michael King")  allowing you to simply click on the web URL link to pay by credit card.

option #3  - If  you prefer to pay by mail:
send your check made out to  Steven King,  6228 N. Belt St,  Spokane, WA  99205  USA
Please include your email address in case we need to contact you. 

Be sure to include your shipping address, phone and email contact information. We receive your order immediately by email, and will return an email confirmation receipt to you and ship your order out by the next work day.


Big Book of Riffs
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