The Big Book of Riffs, Intros, Endings, Turnarounds & Fingerstyle Jazz   

194 pages of sheer bliss for the serious player, taught by the king.  Each jewel adds nuance and class to your live playing or studio sessions.  Learn a little, you'll turn heads; learn a little more, you'll fly through any gig; learn a lot and you'll blow 'em away.  We dare you to learn them all!  King shares a treasure of world-class material as only he can conceptualize, most of which offer his optional trademark compelling simultaneous basslines.  If you had to choose one book to become a great professional player, this is the one. 
Includes both tablature and treble clefs.  Also contains fingerstyle exercises, vamp riffs, scales, arpeggios, and instruction on how to read any chord symbol in popular music.  Builds skill and awareness of jazz improvisation, with or without use of the included concurrent bass lines.

For guitar in standard tuning.

Hard Copy $40 
PDF version $30
emailed to you
TEF file version $30  emailed to you
This version has the printing and viewing ability of PDF but it also allows the computer to play each lesson while you view the music, tab, and fretboard fingerings floating along on screen.  You will need to download the free "TEFVIEW" player software at See below for suggested OPTIONS settings in the TEFVIEW program.

(This tef file version of the BIG BOOK OF RIFFS is  included FREE with your enrollment in
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Suggested setup choices in the TEFVIEW program: 
(you can experiment with other settings as desired)

First download the free software at -click on button there "TEFVIEW FREE")

Upon opening the program click the SCORE tab and choose OPTIONS

In the OPTIONS dialogue screen:
first click on GENERAL tab and enter the following parameters:
        choose "LINE MODE"
        check the boxes:  NOTATION and TABLATURE
        under "verticle spacings" choose (top down): 16, 16, 0 
Hit bottom APPLY button

now click on DISPLAY tab and enter the following parameters:
        check the boxes:  Auto Chord Diagrams, Automatic Rests, Reading Guides, Note Stems,
                Chords as Diagrams, and Effects in Notation
        choose "As in Notation", "Into the tablature", and "Vertically"
Hit bottom APPLY button

now click on PRINTING tab and enter the following parameters:
        choose "Proportional Note Spacing and choose 3 in the number box at right
        choose "Print Scale Adjustment" and choose 93% (or about that) at right
        check boxes for Print Tuning, Print Bar Numbers, Tied Notes in Tablature, Dotted notes in tablature,
                and Rests in Tablature
Hit bottom APPLY button

now click on SCREEN tab and enter the following parameters:
         check top left box "Fingerboard" and to the right "Horizontal"
         enter 420 in "Ruler Position" box   (or you can enter 0 to put that ruler at the very top of page)
Hit bottom APPLY button  

Hit OK button

Leave all other tabs and their settings alone to remain as they defaulted.

Now simply open a tef file in the program, hit space bar to play or stop play.  Before printing you can do a Print Preview and even adjust print option parameters to preview how the changes affect measures and page numbers.

Now simply Hit FILE pulldown and OPEN a tef file.  Hit the space bar to start playback, also to stop playback.   You can set the cursor at any measure and the playback will begin there.